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Jul 24, 2011

Wine and 2gis

2gis is russian and ukraine hand-book - kind of Yellow page - with interactive map. It can be started on Linux under wine

I had 2gis already installed and it was broken after try an attempt to update itself. Some investigation clear to me the using new wine config directory can help me to overcome the issue. BTW sometime it is very helpful way to use separate wine config directory for windows applications.
  1. OS: Ubuntu 10.04.3 LTS. Wine: 1.2.2
  2. Download current version from http://2gis.ru/how-get/linux/
  3. unpack it in /home/user/folder/name - it was special created in order to be place for 2gis and wine configs
  4. for starting was written following script:
    declare -r DOUBLE_GIS_HOME="/home/user/folder/name/2gis"
    WINEPREFIX="${DOUBLE_GIS_HOME}/.wine" /usr/bin/wine "${DOUBLE_GIS_HOME}"/3.0/grym.exe
    don't forget change DOUBLE_GIS_HOME to the actual value.
The first start intialized upgrade progamm (one more time(?)). It was a time for choose maps we need as well. The second start was normal without any issues.
due to some unknown reasons symbolic link produced an OLE error which however did not affect the work of the programm.

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