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Dec 29, 2010

My conky

Conky is really nice tool. Hundreds articles were written around how you can setup its and it is useless to repeat them. This note is just about some details and scripts which can be helpful

Nov 3, 2010

Remote desktop copy and paste issue

I use rdesktop for some activities and sometimes copy/paste functions seems totally blocked at Windows machine. I've found very simple solution here.

On remote machine:

  1. Open Task Manager, highlight RDPClip.exe and click the "End Process" button
  2. Click the "Applications" tab, click the "New Task" button, and type the text "RDPClip.exe"
et voilà :)

Sep 18, 2010

shell-framework debian package

A week ago I was asked about debian package with shell-framework. I've prepared the package and now it can be installed as standard package. Instruction can be found here

Jul 24, 2010

библиотека shell-framework

Вместо введения
Я пишу скрипты на bash. Это скорее ближе к хобби, хотя иногда нужно и по работе. Конечно, не каждый день, но довольно часто и уже довольно давно. Бывают ситуации, когда либо не хочется пользоваться другими script-языками или когда у заказчика нет специалиста который сможет поддержать ваши скрипты в будущем, если они написаны, например, на perl - в общем, у меня бывало много случаев, когда моими скриптами должен был пользоваться не только я, но и еще кто-то и написаны они должны были быть на bash, а не на чем-то ином. Проанализировав требования к command line interface (CLI) программе, я систематизировал их и написал библиотеку, о которой и пойдет речь ниже.

Jul 23, 2010

blog was redesigned

Well, as you can see my blog was redesigned. New template approach impress me, but after all changes I've made some corrections.

Apr 2, 2010

One more note - sort, uniq and merging to the string

It is just one more note to myself. We have list of string - for example like this:
bg, cal, cat, cd, chmod, clear, cmp, cp, date, df, diff, du, echo, exit, fg, file, find, grep,
groups, gzip, head, history, id, info, jobs, kill, ln, locate, ls, man , mc, mkdir, more, mv, 
passwd, ps, pwd, rm, rmdir, scp, sed, set, sleep, slogin, sort, ssh, tail, tar, touch, uname,
vi, wc, which, whoami.

I need the same list without repeating of items and sorted.

Feb 28, 2010

protection from brute force on ssh

When I've tired from brute force attacks on my computer at 22 port I create simple protection.

Feb 21, 2010

Cell-phone file system access

Just short note about how we can explorer file system of cell phone (in my case it was Nokia 3120 classic). The main idea can be found at http://dev.zuckschwerdt.org/openobex/wiki/ObexFs.

Feb 13, 2010

mencoder ignore bitrate (1000 fps file)

Today I found my mencoder ignore bitrate option when I try to recode some file. After research I want to save here two links - http://lists.mplayerhq.hu/pipermail/mencoder-users/2006-April/003102.html and http://www.mplayerhq.hu/DOCS/HTML-single/en/MPlayer.html#id2910636 which show me to obligatory using "-ofps" option in case we have variable framerate in source file and fixed one in destination.

Feb 12, 2010

bash associative arrays(map, hash or how you them calls). part II

This is second part of story about associative arrays in bash. You will find first one here.

Well after very serious criticism about variable approach we have to look at second way. It is very simple - two arrays - keys and values.

bash associative arrays(map, hash or how you them calls). part I

There are a lot of programming languages where you can use associative arrays. Some times it has different name - map or hash for example, but the fact is bash had nothing like this before version 4.0 And if you use bash with version lesser then 4.0 you probably try to find some kind of solution.